Ring Lights

Ring Lights

Our exclusive Ring Lights attach easily to your center poles in seconds.  Just open the light, put it around the pole and close the latch.  No tools are necessary.  Choose from two different styles & up to six ring sizes in each style.  Use our rubber inserts to accommodate slight differences in pole sizes for another option.

The Flood Style Ring Light allows you to choose your light bulb strength and style.  Depending upon the size of the light they start with 2 sockets and go up to 6 sockets on each Ring Light.  Use up to a 150 watt flood light bulbs, LED light bulbs,  colored bulbs or any other medium based bulb to finish your look.  This light is as versatile as it is functional.

The Halogen Style Ring Light comes in the same sizes as the Flood Style however the light bulbs are already included.  Each socket is finished with a beautiful white hood housing a 75 watt halogen light bulb.  Quantities are limited in this style.

The LED Ring Light comes in a 2.5″ size with 2 medium LED fixtures.  The LED bulbs are dimmable with our new LED dimmer and each fixture in an equivalent brightness to our 75W halogen bulbs.  Fits well on a 2″ or 2.5″ pole diameter using our rubber inserts to easily take it down to fit a 2″ pole.

Each light is constructed with a highly durable urethane plastic body.  The light fixtures are grounded through the attached white PVC molded 14″ power cord.  A safety cable is included.  A cost effective, easy way to light up your tents!