Plastic vs. Glass Light Bulbs

Decorative Light Bulbs

Our decorative lighting comes in either glass incandescent or shatter-resistant plastic LED bulbs.  The socket size of the light bulb needs to match the lighting cord socket size you are using.  Any light cords with a removable light bulb can be used with any of our light bulbs.  Purchase new lighting cords & bulbs or just replace your current bulbs and use your same cords.

The smallest E12 or C-7 socket size is also known as a candelabra based socket that measures 7/16″.   This light bulb size has many options from glass incandescent bulbs to plastic LED bulbs.  Choose from a glass C-7 standard flame shaped to a G40- 5 watt round glass bulb in a clear or pearl color to a G50- 7 watt glass bulb in a clear or pearl color. Move into the plastic LED options by choosing from a LED opaque white flame shaped bulb or a clear acrylic option and then going into a G40 round plastic or G50 round plastic LED bulb. There are 9 different choices of candelabra based bulbs to use in our String Lighting, Globe Party Lights and our Event Lights.

The intermediate based socket is also known as E17 or C-9 that measures 5/18″. Our Bistro Lighting cords use this style bulb in either a G40 plastic round LED bulb or a G50 plastic round LED bulb.  The G40 size measures 1 1/2″ in diameter and the G50 size measures 2″ in diameter.

The  medium based bulb or E27  is the largest option that measures 1″. Our Heavy Duty Cafe Lights use this style bulb in either a glass 11 watt incandescent bulb or a plastic LED bulb.

All of our LED plastic bulbs are dimmable with a choice of 3 dimmers to choose from.

Feel free to contact us so we can help you choose the right light bulbs for your lighting.

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