Premier Tent Heaters

Premier Tent Heaters

Portable, Dependable Gas Fired Heaters.  The LB White Premier Tent Heater line is available in a range of heat outputs with remote temperature control & a variety of air distribution options.  They deliver clean, comfortable air where you need it, when you need it.  The quietest heater available makes this a perfect choice for your Fall & Winter events.  Some of the features includes:  electrical & diagnostic trouble-shooting lights, heavy duty legs to keep the units off the ground, reinforced flush doors, totally enclosed flame, air flow safety devices, fully enclosed electronics & attractive, durable white Tri-Shield finish.

Use the 12 ft. white ducting to direct the air into the tent when the tent heater is outside the sidewall.  Add an optional end diffuser to the ducting for a more polished look inside the tent.  Another option is to attach an unit diffuser to fit directly onto the air output of the heater and place the heater closer to the sidewall.  The diffuser grates allow for the sidewall of your tent to sit easily on top of the grate.

The 2.0 ducting and unit diffusers will now attach with a magnetic connection.  The white ducting and Premier 170 unit diffusers will work on 1.0 and 2.0 heaters. 

The 2.0 Premier 80 unit diffuser works solely with the 2.0 Premier 80 heater.   If you currently have 1.0 ducting and diffusers they will work only with the 1.0 heaters.

The 2.0 Premier tent heaters have been upgraded with new features.  The new 2.0 Thermostats use an easier to manage cord and open-faced bracket which provides more function when the thermostat is in use.   Any length extension cord can be added to use remotely.

NEW Volt Electric Forced Air Portable Heaters are available in 2023.  The Volt 1.5kW unit plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and produces 5,100 BTU’s.  The larger Volt 9kW unit uses a 240-outlet and has a choice of either 20,500 or 30,700 BTU’s of heat.

Wondering how many BTU’s you will need to get your tent to a certain temperature?  Use the heater calculation chart below with your amount of space and how many degrees you need to raise the temperature to see how many BTU’s needed.

Watch the video below on how to install the heater & the new magnetic accessory items.

Tentwares is a stocking distributor with inventory ready for shipment from our New Hampshire warehouse.  Learn more about our heaters  LB White 2023 Tent & Event brochure.