Tent Cleaners

Tent Cleaners

Protect your vinyl by cleaning it correctly.  Don’t use cleaners that aren’t formulated to take care of your vinyl investment.  Our Tentwares Vinyl Cleaner is safe and effective way to clean your vinyl.  Dilute it to work as a light or heavy duty cleaner.  Take the Spray N’ Go Cleaner which is already diluted and ready to use at your job site when a quick clean is needed.

For stubborn mildew stains try our Blitz Mildew Cleaner that was developed to safely remove mildew without harming your fabric.  The secret ingredient is calcium hypochlorite bleach in a high percentage that does a great job removing mildew.

To protect your new vinyl tents take a look at our Mildew Protector which is truly a miracle of modern chemistry.  It bonds with the molecular structure of the vinyl fabric to prevent mildew growth for up to one year.

The Clear Vinyl Cleaner is a gentle, sudsy cleaner formulated to clean clear vinyl.  Sold in one gallon jugs.

Learn more about how to clean your tent by clicking on the Tent Cleaning article.  Tentwares is proud to stock cleaners in our  NH warehouse.