Bistro Lights

Bistro Lights

  Our popular intermediate based Bistro Light Strings take our LED dimmable, smooth plastic, shatter-resistant round light bulbs.  Each G40 bulb measures 1 1/2″ in diameter and has an equivalent brightness to a 7 watt bulb.  Another option is the G50 bulb that measures 2″ in diameter to give off another look with your Bistro Lighting.   Bulbs are sold in boxes of 25.  Always use an LED compatible dimmer if you choose to dim.

 Go ahead & install them, take them down and store them without having to worry about the breaking the bulbs.  

The Bistro Light strands are available in 3 lengths.  Connect up to 37 of the 31 ft. strands together for 1,147 ft. of lighting.  You can connect the 56 ft. strands together up to 21 strands or 1,176 ft.  If you choose to dim the bulbs then please check our  LED dimmers to see how many bulbs you can put on one dimmer.   Make sure not to mix dim and non-dimmable bulbs together if you wish to dim.  Always use the LED dimmer when dimming these bulbs.

 There are 25 sockets on the each 31 ft. cord, 45 sockets on the 56 ft. cord and 75 sockets on the 100 ft. cords.  The 100 ft. cords are not end to end connectable.  Light cords and bulbs are sold separately.   Extreme temperatures can affect LED bulbs.  

To get started with our lighting by purchasing our Bundle & Save package for a 5 % savings.  Each package includes 5 of the 56 ft. white or black cords for 280 ft. of lighting, 9 boxes of either the G40 plastic LED bulbs or G50 plastic LED bulbs and one of the LED 360 Remote control dimmers.