LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting has never been more popular and affordable with so many options.  Decorate easily with our Mini Lights in warm white light that can be connected up to 44 sets together.  Each set is 23.7″ long and have 70 lights on each string.  Available in either the polka dot or mini ice style.  

With our standard string lighting or NEW Event Lights you can use the C-7 LED faceted plastic bulb that gives off a warm white LED light, our G40 or G50 candelabra based dimmable LED plastic round bulbs  and new in 2018 the C-7  plastic opaque warm white LED bulbs that are cool to the touch.  

Our popular Bistro Lighting also uses a round dimmable LED shatter-resistant bulbs sold in either a G40 bulb that measures 1 1/2″ round or new in 2018 a G50 bulb that measures 2″ in diameter.   New in 2018 introducing a plastic medium based LED light bulb for our Heavy Duty Cafe Lights. Remember to always use our LED compatible dimmer when dimming the LED bulbs.

 The 50W LED Flood Light has an ultra-thin profile made of high grade aluminum with a white frame.  Equivalent to a 250W halogen light with a wide angle, 105 degree light dispersion.  To hang your lighting like a chandelier take a look at the LED High Bay Light with the resin globe available in 100W.

Our exclusive Ring Lights and Multi Mount Lights also now have LED fixtures available making them even more versatile.  Use our LED Dimmer to dim the lights as the night goes on.  LED lighting is cool to the touch and saves on power needs.